This project was born in 2016, after years of searching, with the aim of creating something different.  The entry of this 4 brothers in the textile world, emerges from the difficult choice of this accessory which makes the difference in the male scope. 

 Despite having very good ties in our environment, it lacks for something more to be said in this area. That’s why we got down to work in order to seek the balance between elegance and personality, which we want to transmit with each of our ties.

Lifelong we’ve seen our grandfather wearing ties, with the best knot.

At his 99 years old his tie is never removed, and assures he is not going anywhere without it.

Our objective is far away from the usual tie. We seek for a point of reference of the man who is wearing it. We want you to perceive his personality by the way of the knot or the pattern it carries.

Our idea is to make you feel excited and proud of wearing each day one of our ties. We want you to feel confident to say ‘I am so and I want people to know ’.

They have been hard years of travelling around the world to see the various trends in the field, looking and analyzing the best materials that could fit perfectly into what we are about to build.

International Chic with a Spanish Touch.


It hasn’t been easy to choose and classify the fabrics in order to demonstrate what we wanted and so to fit with  the customers , although,  we were aware of it from the beginning.  After all this laborious work, we are on track, and hoping that you can enjoy with us in this great adventure. We want to make you feel unique and special, we want people to ask about your tie when you go out to the street, because that always makes a man feel different.